FERRARI super carsFERRARI rental in Sardinia

FERRARI rental in Sardinia

FERRARI needs no introduction, it is Italian sporting excellence. Ferrari embodies the best of the Italian engineering thought better than any other brand. Driving a Ferrari makes you feel like the true king of the road. The emotion kicks off at the first rumble, the adrenaline follows the second.
Riding a Ferrari means entering a privileged world. Feel like on the track, but remember that you are on the road!

LAMBORGHINI super carsLAMBORGHINI rental in Sardinia

MASERATI rental in Sardinia

Lamborghini is the brand of the Italian supercars for those who are not satisfied. Indeed, Lamborghini was from a request refused by Ferrari to revise one of its models. Lamborghini supercars are made for true speed lovers, without ifs and buts, who do not want to come to terms with the routine life and demand real race feelings. Lamborghini means, being young and playing with grit. Driving a Lamborghini means having clear goals and knowing how to achieve them.

BENTLEY super carsBENTLEY rental in Sardinia

BENTLEY rental in Sardinia

Established in 1919, Bentley is a brand of excellence, one of the main suppliers of the royal house and 6 times winner of the most prestigious endurance races, the 24h Grand Prix of Le Mans.
Bentley means class, not for nothing British royalty choose it on numerous occasions.
Renting a Bentley means being elegant, classy and above all not taken for granted: Bentley is not for everyone.
Renting a Bentley shows that you are a person of culture, fascinating and classy, ​​for this reason it is an excellent choice for gala and cultural events, where elegance and savoir faire are required.

MASERATI super carsMASERATI rental in Sardinia

MASERATI rental in Sardinia

Maserati was established back in 1926 in Bologna by 3 brothers, specialized in racing cars design. They used to manufacture racing cars for the historical manufacturer from Milan, Isotta Fraschini. The first independent project was named Tipo 26.
Today Maserati is one of the world’s top racing car brands, remarkable for its elegance and aggressiveness. Maserati represents the sporting heart of Italian super cars.
Maserati means fun, youth, elegance and in the meanwhile aggressiveness and ambition.

ASTON MARTIN super carsASTON MARTIN rental in Sardinia

ASTON MARTIN rental in Sardinia

Aston Martin stands for elegance and sportiness. Aston Martin means never going unnoticed thanks to the blazon and the spread of a brand that has made history. Also famous for being the car of Agent OO7, Aston Martin is still one of the most famous racing car brands in the world, active in the Formula 1 championship.
Aston Martin is ideal for gala parties, for those who want to stand our and be protagonists of the evening.

ROLLS ROYCE super carsROLLS ROYCE rental in Sardinia

ROLLS ROYCE rental in Sardinia

Rolls Royce is the British brand of supercars, famous not exclusively in the automotive branch, but also for its engines manufactured for the aerospace industry.
Its grill shape radiator and Spirit of Ecstasy bonnet ornament became symbols of elegant, comfortable and aristocratic lifestyle.

PORSCHE super carsPORSCHE rental in Sardinia

PORSCHE rental in Sardinia

Porsche is the German racing car “par exellence”. Nowadays Porsche’s production is not limited to pure racing cars, but includes comfortable SUV models.
In all these years Porsche beacame symbol of sportiness, comfort and active lifestyle.

BUGATTI super carsBUGATTI rental in Sardinia

BUGATTI rental in Sardinia

Bugatti is a French brand founded in Germany by an Italian entrepreneur: it is already so easy to understand how a Bugatti is anything but obvious.
Bugatti is famous for high performance and limited edition cars, having a Bugatti means being one of very few.
Bugatti automatically conveys the idea of being the chosen one.
Bugatti is for true stars and for the elite.