Destination Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the largest Mediterranean islands and a well-known and sought-after destination. Its fame and popularity is huge not only among the jet-setters, but also among a wide range of different social groups, united by the same passion and love for this unique land.
As a destination management company Bluwonder is engaged in the advancement and promotion of the incoming tourism to Sardinia. There is a long list of reasons, why someone should visit Sardinia.

Sea, Beaches, Food & Wine

For the majority of the visitors the main reason to visit Sardinia is still its abundance of pristine white sand beaches and shimmering emerald waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Such places as La Pelosa Beach in Stintino, Liscia Ruja and Cala dei Gabbiani are very famous well beyond the Sardinian shores. On top of that, one shouldn’t forget about the traditional Mediterranean food and world-class Italian wines, both white and red, produced from local grapes, such as Vermentino, Cannonau and Monica.

Ancient pre-Roman civilization

Another valid reason to visit Sardinia are its mysterious villages, with their remains of an ancient pre-Roman civilization, such as Tiscali village. Beyond that, other symbols of that ancient civilization are the so-called Nuraghe or Nuraghs, more than 7.000 megalithic constructions, some of them almost 4.000 years old.

Naturalistic points of interest: Barbagia

The Sardinian hiking trails and naturalistic points of interest are infinite. Most of the inland areas are covered by the so-called Mediterranean forests and scrub, dense clusters of a small leafed shrub. The less populated area, corresponding to the centre of the island, is called Barbagia. It is an important symbol for the local population, because it represents the heart of this land, where the authentic sources of its tradition are conserved far from the eyes of the eyes of the visitors.

Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo: jet-setters’ favourite destination

Last but certainly not least, is Costa Smeralda. A unique and most privileged part of Sardinia. Places like Porto Cervo have always attracted the wealthiest and the most successful people from all over the world: Hollywood cinema and TV-stars, showmen, sport celebrities and business tycoons. Costa Smeralda owes its flair and unique atmosphere to the uninterrupted flow of famous and wealthy visitors, paparazzis and luxurious property.