South SardiniaSouth Sardinia & Cagliari

Destination South Sardinia & Cagliari

This area is characterized by transparent blue sea, traces of ancient and modern history, beautiful beaches with coral sand, coves and sand dunes. South Sardinia is immersed in wild ambience, with rich architectural expression of ancient Mediterranean civilization. Sardinia is a true legend and one of the most geologically ancient islands in Europe. The island was populated in waves of emigration from the Paleolithic period. A Nuragic civilization had existed in Sardinia well before the arrival of the ancient Romans. Sardinia is famous for its friendly and welcoming people, delicious food and is ideal destination for a relaxing beach holiday.
The Island is famous with luminous hues varying from turquoise blue to emerald green and hundreds of miles of beautiful views and unique perfume of the Mediterranean scrub and forests.
Sardinia is home to a wide variety of rare or uncommon animals, such as several species of mammals, many of them belonging to separate subspecies. Gracious pink flamingos can be admired in some areas of South Sardinia. As for the smell, Sardinia stands out for its aromas of myrtle, strawberry tree, rosemary, juniper and helichrysum.