Destination CorseDestination Corsica

Destination Corsica

Corsica is a French island located to the north of Sardinia. Its multitude of beautiful beaches and historical places, like the city of Bonifacio, Calvi, Ajaccio,
Porto Vecchio makes it a very popular destination for the summer holidays.
The Island’s diverse coast has a mix of rugged cliffs as well as some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean with beautiful half-moon bays and
picturesque villages. Driving up the steep climbs and around sharp hairpin bends through the jagged mountains can be exhilarating.
Visitors will be fascinated by the extraordinary mountain and marine landscapes. The local people are very friendly and welcoming, but also very proud
and independent. A large part of the Corsican territory is a natural park with its wild coastline. Known as the Island of Beauty, Corsica is one of the most
suitable destinations for those who love sea resorts and water sports.
The stunning port of Bonifacio is a star attraction in Corsica, drawing visitors from far and wide to marvel at its medieval houses precariously teetering on
the edge of the imposing limestone cliffs. Bonifacio is an irregular grid of winding streets and narrow alleyways, with medieval townhouses five or six
stories high yet often just one room wide. The ancient walls of the citadel envelope the Old Town.
Ajaccio is a city of two halves: the old city around the harbor area has plenty of narrow streets with attractive Mediterranean-style buildings and plenty of
bars and shops, while the more modern area of the city lies along the main boulevard that follows the coastal road.
Ajaccio is significant as the birthplace of Napoleon and the house where the Bonaparte family lived until the end of 1600 can be visited today.
Enjoy a relaxed morning tour of Ajaccio before continuing your journey northwards, stopping in Corte. Corte is a small town in the heart of Corsica and
was the capital of the island from 1755-1769 during the reign of Pasquale Paoli – a name you will hear often in Corsica.
As well as being an interesting town in itself Corte is a great location from which to explore the mountains, valleys and scenery of central Corsica and the
surrounding National Park. Also see the amazing Calanques of Piana, a natural phenomenon of rock formations carved out by the wind and sea. A
UNESCO World Heritage Site, the area includes a coastline of astonishing beauty studded with offshore islets and sea pillars rising out of translucent
The ancient Genoese citadel of Calvi with its colorful narrow streets. Explore the restored palace of the Genoese governor, and the remains of a house
that is rumored to be the place where Christopher Columbus was born, before continuing out along the Bay of Calvi to Ile Rousse with its beautiful
winding coast, sprinkled with pristine white sandy beaches and red granite rocks. Heading off the beaten track inland, visit the beautiful hill-villages of the
Balagne region such as Pigne. Balanced on the mountain edge this is a true haven which, free of cars, can only be visited on foot.
A short Ferry ride about 60 minutes across the strait from Sardinia into Corsica.
Corsica greets you with an unmissable panorama as you sail into Bonifacio from Santa Teresa di Gallura, Sardinia.