The top 10 most beautiful beaches near Costa Smeralda

…that MUST be visited at least once in a lifetime.

It is true what they say, Costa Smeralda is not for everyone. Indeed, it is an exclusive part of Sardinia, which lives in its own privileged atmosphere. Costa Smeralda is all about the flair that surronds the wealthiest and the most prominent personalities from all over the world, celebribies and paparazzis. They come to Sardinia every summer, certainly because of its richness and splendor, but mostly because of its clear emerald waters and stunning white sand beaches. Since we touched the topic of the most beautiful beaches that surrond Costa Smeralda, here is our top 10 list of the most charming beaches that MUST BE visited at least once.

1. Capriccioli

The beach of Capriccioli is made of very fine and clear sand with grayish shades that plunges into the intense blue sea, protected by yellow, pink and reddish granite rocks and surrounded by a thick Mediterranean scrub: junipers, lentisks, olive trees and maritime pines, which contribute to the wild charm of the place. The lido to the east is characterized by low and sandy bottoms and sheltered from the mistral: it is an ideal place for families with children.

2. Romazzino

It is a long white sandy beach, not very fine. The backdrop is of medium height. Romazzino owes its name to the particularly numerous rosemary plants in this area in the expanses of Mediterranean scrub that surrounds the town.The sea takes on different shades of blue and its transparencies make this beach particularly attractive.

3. Grande Pevero

In a charming crescent bay in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, here is one of the most glamorous and exclusive beaches in the world. A few kilometers from Porto Cervo, the Grande Pevero beach stretches placidly along the homonymous gulf. It is an arched stretch of very white and soft sand, almost impalpable, about 300 meters long, lapped by iridescent colors of the sea, whose shades vary from green to blue and then become transparent in the shore.

4. Principe

From the sea an Ishmaelite prince lands by chance in the natural fjord of Porto Cervo and remains bewitched by it. And it’s immediately love at first sight between Karim Aga Khan IV, Arab prince and Muslim imam, and a wild and beautiful stretch of Sardinia, a rough diamond wrapped in the scents of the Mediterranean scrub, which from the mountains slopes down to the sea framing lovely beaches. His favorite becomes the Principe beach, an arch of white sand surrounded by a breathtaking scenery at the bottom of a deep inlet protected by a promontory of pink granite.

5. La Celvia

La Celvia is a medium-size beach with a white, soft golden sand and beautiful rocks outcropping from the ground. This part of the shore has enviable colors and crystal clear waters. It comes with different shades of emerald green in the part closest to the shore, and a mixture of blue and turquoise as you move further towards the open sea. It is averagely frequented in the summer. The abundant Mediterranean scrub and vegetation makes it a true heavenly place.

6. Liscia Ruja

Liscia Ruja beach is a long stretch of white sand, with juniper and Mediterranean scrub behind it. The beautiful sea presents crystal clear waters with colors between emerald green and turquoise, with a shallow and sandy seabed and without seagrass. Averagely frequented during the summer.

7. Cala Granu

Cala Granu, a few steps from Porto Cervo, is an unforgettable mirror of water with different shades of emerald green and intense blue, unforgettable and unmissable colors for anyone who wants to enjoy one of the most beautiful coves of the Costa Smeralda. The beach has a white and very fine sand, characterized by a large sandy bottom, which gives the marine surface postcard colors. Cala Granu beach is sheltered from the wind and easily accessible by anyone, ideal for families, recommended for romantics.

8. Rena Bianca

The beach is set in cliffs and perfumed by the Mediterranean scrub. The Municca peninsula and the islet of Municchedda protect it from the west wind, while the promontory where the sixteenth-century Torre di Longosardo stands, shelters it to the east. The silvery and fresh waters enchant the visitors. Rena Bianca has been awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ recognition by the Foundation for environmental education several times for the quality of its waters, immaculate coasts and services that guarantee tourists comfort and safety. Loved by divers, as well as by children.

9. Spiaggia dell’Ira

It is one of the four beaches of Porto Rotondo, one of the most beloved tourist resorts in Sardinia among celebrities. It is located in Punta Nuraghe, which divides the gulf of Porto Rotondo from that of Cugnana. Its beach of fine white sand contrasts with the colors of the sea that vary from turquoise to green, propped up here and there by granite rocks. The shallow and sandy bottom makes it perfect for children, while the low cliff on the sides of the beach welcomes fishing, snorkeling and diving lovers every day.

10. Pitrizza

It is a small beach occupied by one of the most luxurious hotels on the Costa Smeralda, the Pitrizza hotel. The beach has fine and clear sand with rocks, clear water with shallow and sandy bottoms with rocks.