Where to stay in Costa Smeralda: the top 5 hotels in Porto Cervo

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In summer Porto Cervo, with its celebrity guests, gala dinners and private parties, becomes the beating heart of Sardinia. In terms of accomodation possibilities, the choices are potentially infinite. For this reason we decided to create our own top 5 list, which main goal is to recommend only the top of the finest hotels in Costa Smeralda.

1. Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu

Just a mile away from Porto Cervo and facing La Maddalena Archipelago, Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu is one of the most charming hotels in Costa Smeralda. Its relaxing atmosphere and intimate position, facing a narrow sea bay and surrounded by thick Mediterranean scrub, make this place a secret gem of Costa Smeralda.
It comprises 145 rooms and 66 suite apartments and offers to its guests a variety of extra services and facilities, such as wellness and fitness centres, pools, tennis courts and soccer fields. The hotel offers a private marina and a romantic sea promenade with restaurants, bars and boutiques.

2. Cala di Volpe Hotel

This hotel, surrounded by pristine Mediterraniean nature, is a true luxury oasis in Costa Smeralda with spectacular sea views. The resort offers excellent wellness and fitness facilities, three tennis courts and magnificent olympic-size sea water pool.

3. Hotel Romazzino

Hotel Romazzino is a very well-known luxury beach and spa destination in the North of Sardinia. It offers direct access to a long beach of white sand. Its wellness center is one of the finest in Costa Smeralda. At Hotel Romazzino you can choose to stay in a private 3- or 5-room villa with breathtaking sea views, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub.

4. Hotel Pitrizza

What’s special about Hotel Pitrizza, besides its pool carved in natural rocks and amazing view of the emerald waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Hotel Pitrizza is famous for the intimate position of its world-famous luxury villas, which guarantees maximum privacy to their fortunate guests. Indeed, every villa has its own private pool, which make the stay at Pitrizza even more privileged and unique.

5. Hotel Colonna Resort

Hotel Colonna Resort occupies 60.000 square meters of surface. You can easily find its position not far from Cala Granu beach. Its real specialty is the traditional Sardinian hospitality, with its culinary wonders and world class wines. Colonna Resort is famous for its huge sea water pool, the largest in Europe. At this hotel you can enjoy the intimacy of small private beaches, and a 5-star wellness and fitness centres.