Where to eat in Costa Smeralda: Top 5 Restaurants in Porto Cervo

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Italy is famous all over the world for its culinary traditions and elite wines. Make sure to take full advantage of your next visit to Italy to fully enjoy its traditional cusine. If your next destination is Porto Cervo, here is a short list of the best restaurants around here that you absolutely should not miss. This is by no means an exhaustive list. It will give you a few insider’s indications about where to go and what to try during your stay in Porto Cervo.

1. Pedri Garden

Pedri Garden was created by the Pedrinelli family to satisfy the most demanding palates with a traditional cuisine revisited in a modern key. An exclusive location, immersed in a romantic garden, with a splendid view of the Porto Vecchio Bay. It is very easily accessible from the Promenade du Port. This location is one of the most prestigious in Costa Smeralda for its cusine, style, location and overall flair.

2. Cafè du Port

Despite its name, Cafè du Port is one of the best restaurants in Porto Cervo, with a fantastic sunset view of the sea. The cusine is specialized in traditional and sea food. The wine card is also excellent. Cafè du Port is one of the best locations in Porto Cervo for cocktails and aperitifs.

3. Fior d’Acqua

This restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Costa Smeralda. Its chef, Michele Farru, is a TV celebrity in Italy. Fior d’Acqua is specialized in local and sea food.

4. Zamira Lounge

Zamira is more than a restaurant, it is among the most privileged lounge and wine bars in Costa Smeralda. It is located in the Promenade du Port and offers a spectacular view of the Porto Vecchio Bay.

5. Al Pescatore

The full name of the place is Quattro Passi Al Pescatore. It is the first restaurant that was built in Costa Smeralda back in the 60’s and throughout all these years it remained a reference point for seafood lovers in Porto Cervo. You will enjoy not only its cusine, but certainly also its magic atmosphere overlooking the marina. The restaurant is elegantly furnished and led by the 2 Micheline Stars Chef Antonio Mellino.

Bonus: Tanit

Situated 2 miles away from Porto Cervo and overlooking the Poltu Quatu fjord, the Tanit restaurant and bar welcomes guests to a special and refined atmosphere. Relish the tasty fish-based dishes: enjoy your fish raw, steamed, salted or in a gratin. Enjoy the intimacy of a natural Sardinian sea landscape.